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ADL (ApplyDrivingLicence.uk) is a one stop platform for all driving licence related services. Its a Check and Send Premium service to avoid returns and helps you reduce errors in your application.

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What is ApplyDrivingLicence?

Driving Licence Provides a digital Solution to all your driving licence services needs, from apply for a new provisional licence to change of address we do it all.

✔ DriverCare – Replace your licence free of charge for 2 years

✔ DriverGuide – Stay in the know with an official highway code            book

✔ Lifetime access to your data in the secure licence cloud

✔ Money back guarantee if you change your mind

✔ DriverNotify – Never miss a licence renewal or rule change again

✔ Paperless, contact-free digital applications

✔ 24/7 email and phone support

✔ Digital and physical validation to resolve errors and avoid delays

Change of Address on Driving Licence

You can apply for an updated licence if you have a different home address using our Driving application service today.


Replacing Driving Licence

You can apply for a replacement driving licence if it was lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed using our unofficial driving licence application service today.


Renew Driving Licence if under 70

You are required to renew a photocard licence every 10 years. You can use our optional driving licence application service.


Provisional Driving Licence

If you need to apply for provisional driving licence, you can use our unofficial driving licence application service today immediately.


Renew Driving Licence if 70+

You are required to renew a photocard licence every 3 years. You can use our optional driving application service.


Visit Official DVLA Website

To find out more about Driving and Vehicle licensing, Visit the official DVLA website, Click here. We are in no way affiliated with the Official DVLA department.

The one stop shop for your licence. We perform all necessary checks to validate the data you provide to us for your application. Mistakes will be corrected and we will contact you if we cannot resolve an issue that may delay the application process with the DVLA. We aim to reduce the possibility of rejections or returns, allowing you to submit your application to the DVLA with complete confidence.

Fill out our accessible online form with ease, completing your order in minutes. Don’t worry about hand filling your DVLA renewal application or wasting time using the post office. Jump right into the action and hit the road within minutes. With DriverGuide and DriverNotify, you will always be ahead of the curve. Stay on top of your renewals and road rules, it gets easier every time.

User-Friendly Online Driving Licence Services

This Driving Licence Renewal Application website processing is completely online and you are notified by email on completion. Some other benfits are:

✔ Manual specialist review before submission.

✔ 24/7 online support.

✔ Lost Licence Protection*

✔ Mobile friendly website.

*We Provide free lost replacements and are limited to any customer who has already made a completed application within one year.

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Paperless Application

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